About me

Hi, My names Becky and i just love making jewellery using the brightest,boldest beads i can find, most of the beads i use are vintage and sourced from carboots and charity shops,also i love buying new beads and charms to use in my creations. At the moment i am addicted to these wonderful vintage soft plastic flowers, there just soo colourful and cute.

I started making jewellery when i was young but after leaving school and working full time i stopped for quite a while, but when i was on maternity leave i found my passion for the beads return, so when my little man goes to bed at night i get the beads out and start to create my jewellery to share with you all, so hopefully you will find something you like :)

No two pieces of my jewellery are alike due to not being able to find the beads again and also i never know how an item is going to end up till its finished i just add and add to it, undo and redo parts till i'm happy.

I hope you like what you see, and if theres any questions please ask.

Also if you'd like an item made to order, with the colours,size,etc of your choice, i'd be happy to do it.

Thanks for visiting Chiyo :)

Becky. xx

Oh and if your wondering, my shop name was named after my cat Chiyo :)